Tumble weed social butterfly that loves freedom and humanity. In Love with myself and this is one of my avenues of self discovery. I’m into positivity, self love , love for everything living , smiles , being real , being unique , being an individual , being your own true self, being whole , light , laughter , fireworks, poetry , friends, making memories, being here , in the now, dancing , reading books , thunder storms, ice cream , lookin up at the sky , stargazing, love rain , don’t need an Umbrella, love animals, being kind, genuine, honest , regardless of what this World has taught me. Love life , work hard, dream big, family time, hugs , forgotten gestures, endless music , my new found joy , sharing that … smiling cause I want to , MVP of my life , love without hesitation , trust until I get burnt, then love them even harder, walk away forgiving , having a good drink , long drives with the windows down, music up , travel , learning everyday, skating, baking when I can , writing till my heart is aflight ….. giving with all of my being ! I aspire to be the kind of person that people believe to be extinct or never existed. P.S and I do hope I run into you so I can show you first hand 😉 xoxo


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